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How will I know if the educational grant will be approved?
Competition for education grant dollars is very high. The primary focus of American Regent is on medical educational activities in Nephrology, Hematology and Anemia Management therapeutic areas. Programs in therapeutic areas outside of Nephrology, Hematology and Anemia Management will generally not be considered. Regrettably, not all grants relating to these therapeutic areas can be approved, as we receive many more requests than can be funded.

What types of programs are within the scope of American Regent, Inc. grant committee and will be considered for funding?
As a commitment to improving patient care and providing valuable information to the medical community, American Regent will only be accepting the following grant requests:
  • Healthcare professional education (Priority will be given to certified programs)
  • Patient advocacy and consumer education programs (e.g. disease-state screenings and camps)
What are the criteria used to determine grant funding of grant requests?
  • Promotes excellence in patient care
  • Meets accredited guidelines related to content, venue, etc.
  • Is conducive to an effective and efficient meeting format
  • Educates a broad healthcare professional target audience at appropriate/reasonable costs
What is the deadline to submit a request for funding?
Completed applications must be submitted at least 60 days before the scheduled actual program start date or funding need-by date, whichever is earlier. Unfortunately, American Regent is not able to accommodate requests that are submitted with less than 60 days notice.

Once my application has been submitted, when can I expect a response?
Review times may vary. Typical review and response time will be 3-4 weeks. You can assist in minimizing the review time line by providing complete and accurate documentation on the Funding Request Form. You may check on the status of your request by e-mailing us at inquiry@americanregent.com .

How will I be notified of the grant decision?
You will receive a written notice as soon as a decision is made. Please do not consider any grant or sponsorship request to be approved until written notification is provided indicating that American Regent has agreed to provide the requested funds.

What happens once my request is approved? When can I expect payment?

At the time you receive written notification of approval, American Regent will also ask you or the CE provider to complete a W-9 form and our Letter of Agreement. Please note it is American Regent policy to provide the grant directly to the CE provider unless the CE provider does not accept grants directly; payment will be made to the CE Provider unless you provide substantiation that the CE provider does not accept funds directly. These documents must be completed and returned to American Regent via fax, mail, or e-mail. It is recommended that these documents be submitted 3 weeks prior to the date by which funding is required. Payment will not be made until these documents are received.

Fax: 631-924-1731
Mail: American Regent, Inc. Grant Request
1 Luitpold Drive
PO Box 9001
Shirley, NY 11967
Email: inquiry@americanregent.com

May I request an “unrestricted educational grant” from American Regent?

American Regent provides educational grant funding that is unsolicited, unrestricted, and free from any undue influence over the content of the program. The purpose of the grant must be stated clearly at the time the request is made, and this purpose is the only one for which the grant funds may be used.

What about Non-CE grants and sponsorships?
All such requests should be directed to our Tradeshow Coordinator, but they are limited to acceptable marketing activities.

What items are generally outside the scope of American Regent grants and sponsorships?

  • Grants to individuals or group practices
  • Personal travel
  • Capital campaigns/building funds
  • Web site development not associated with a certified educational program
  • Service contracts
  • Religious programs
  • Entertainment (e.g. class reunions, recognition/retirement dinners)
  • General capital or operating expenses (e.g. office equipment/staff, computer hardware/software, medical library resources)
  • Textbooks and journal subscriptions
  • Advertising, exhibit, and display fees (Fees for these events should be forwarded to the Tradeshow Coordinator as they are promotional in nature.)
  • Mass media productions not associated with educational content (e.g. CDROMS, webcasts, journal supplements)
  • Professional development (e.g. individual leadership training)
  • Recognition awards
  • Travel fellowships
Does previous support of a CE program by American Regent guarantee future support?
No. Each sponsorship or grant request is evaluated on its individual merit relative to other grant requests. Please do not consider any request approved until you have received written documentation from American Regent indicating approval of the request.