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The Benefits of
American Reliability

What does it mean to be reliable?

At American Regent, we understand you rely on us to provide you with a steady, uninterrupted supply of the products your patients need. Today, we continue to modernize and expand our facilities so we can increase output and help mitigate drug shortages. We qualify two sites for critical products, and implement different line technologies across sites to create redundancies. To optimize flexibility to market demand, our lines are configured for smaller batches and multiple products. What all that means for you—Reliability.

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Committed to US-based manufacturing

We’re proud to be an American manufacturer. In 2019, over 99% of our products were formulated, filled and finished at our US-based facilities.*

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Focused on four strategic areas

Speed. Flexibility. Reliability and Quality. Because patients should never have to wait for the medications they need.

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*More than 99% of units manufactured in 2018 were manufactured in America with remaining unit volume coming from Canada and France.​

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