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Managing Trace Elements in Parenteral Nutrition

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Updated March 26, 2023

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HydrALAZINE Hydrochloride Vial Image

HydrALAZINE Hydrochloride

  • 20 mg/mL | 1 mL Single Dose Vial
  • Shelf Pack — 25
Papaverine HCL Vial Image

Papaverine HCL

  • 30 mg/mL | 2 mL Single Dose Vial
  • Shelf Pack — 25
Zinc Sulfate Vial Image

Zinc Sulfate

  • 5 mg/mL | 5 mL Pharmacy Bulk Package Vial
  • Shelf Pack — 25

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American Regent introduces FDA-approved Epinephrine Injection, USP

Melville, NY – March 23, 2023: American Regent announces the launch of sulfite-free Epinephrine Injection, USP.

HBT Labs, Inc. to Join American Regent, Inc

Shirley, NY – American Regent, Inc., a U.S. manufacturer of pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary use with manufacturing sites in New York and Ohio, today announced it acquired HBT Labs, Inc. based in California.

American Regent Launches FDA-Approved Atropine Sulfate Injection, USP

Melville, NY – August 9, 2022: American Regent, Inc. has announced the launch of Atropine Sulfate Injection, USP, a longstanding injectable medication, now with FDA approval.

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